Seasons of Love

Coming in Fall 2018

An extraordinary woman struggles to fit in an ordinary world. Her son fulfills a dream denied.

During the great Depression, Berthella Stevens endures suffocating poverty in a fatherless home. These childhood crises transform her into a colorful Renaissance woman, reveling in gardening, poetry, her faith, natural living, music, and raising six children. But when she dares to be herself in her rural community, she faces ostracism and emotional isolation.

Although she is a prolific writer, Berthella dies without achieving her lifelong goal of publishing a book. In this heartwarming memoir, her son Kerry fulfills her dream, sharing her own words and their enchanting relationship. While revealing the joy of being fully alive, he uncovers with piercing honesty his mother’s pain and his own prejudice, discovering new admiration for the woman who gave him breath.

Kerry Stevens’ first book is a love letter to his mother, who planted in the boy the seeds of the man he became. If you long for inspiration to live the life you’ve dreamed and embrace your uniqueness, you’ll enjoy “Seasons of Love.”


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