Six Points Publishing was created in 2018 to provide an independent outlet for unique writing which appeals to the heart and mind.

Its name was inspired by a magazine called “Stevens Star,” created in 1981 to help maintain communication within a growing family. It was published only at the annual Stevens reunions in Northern Indiana. The heads of the family, Mick and Berthella Stevens, their six children, and their children’s children, were all expected to contribute something to the magazine. Some chose to share highlights of their past year, while others imparted family history. Poetry and creative writing graced its pages, as did analysis of current events. The littlest ones simply drew pictures. The tradition continued for thirty years until the elder parents passed.

The cover of each “Stevens Star” featured versions of a six-pointed star with concentric circles in the center. The circles represented Mick and Berthella Stevens. Each of the points symbolized their six children.¬†Kerry Stevens, who claimed one point on the star of his family’s magazine, is the founding President of Six Points Publishing.

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